Internet Federation of Phaluhm Phoueck


Name Internet Federation of Phaluhm Phoueck
Product Internet Services
Origin Phaluhm Phoueck
Founded 1992

.pp is an internet ccTLD administered by the Internet Federation of Phaluhm Phoueck (ifp.hst.pp).

A domain may be purchased from ifp.hst.pp . Registration fees are Ш1000. There is some censorship in .pp, such as terrorist websites, but not alot of sites are censored. .pp domains are usualy Phaluhm based webpages but can be used in other websites as well.

The ccTLD was introduced in 1992.

Sublevel domainsEdit

  • .com.pp - Mostly used in commercial sites.
  • .org.pp - Mostly used in organisations
  • .edu.pp - Mostly used in educational institutes
  • .net.pp - Mostly used in networking
  • .hst.pp - Hosting sites
  • .gov.pp - Government sites
  • .free.pp - Free and open source sites.

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