1979 Phaluhm Revolution
General information
Date April 5th 1976 - June 6th 1979
Location Phaluhm Phoueck
Abdication of Sultan Nuyel Nattal
Parliament founded
Islamic Front started attacking Kambular and Magazena

Phaluhm Phoueck Suporters of the Phaluhm Republic

Liberal Islamic Union
Liberal Party
Anti-Islamic protesters

Template:19461979 Suporters of the Phaluhm Islamic State


Dayenta Nyetastian


725,000 protesters

1,400 armed forces

Casualties and losses

24 dead


The 1979 Phaluhm Revolution was a series of popular demonstrations in Phaluhm Phoueck that began in 1976 and ended in June 6th 1979. The methords used amounted to a compaign of civil resistance and republicisim against the Islamic country, authoritarisim, regime violence and electoral fraud. This nonviolent revolution led to the departure of Sultan Nuyel Nattal, transition from monarchy to republic and the restoration of democracy. The demonstrations started when Nyel Nyetastian was assasinated in Westal Airport (now named Nyel-Nyetastian Airport). Nyel Nyetastian was a republican and liberalist, describing the regime as authorian.
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