The 2015 Phaluhm Anti-Chinese riots was a riot starting from the 9th December when China allowed Chinese ships in to Phaluhm Waters to 17th December after Phaluhm Phoueck signed the Treaty of Finskeby. This caused an attack on Chinese investment and Chinese companies. 

100 people are injured and more than 50 factories were damaged, but no one was killed.


The riots have started because of the Phaluhm Sea standoff in the 8th December 2015, when China allowed Chinese ships in to the Phaluhm Strait.


  • 9th December: Anti-China protests started in Dauham Sammar Hazaham , Javahezam , San Sabyleo , Kota Kambular , Kimbactu City , Klas Bay , Wikas , Reval and Westal City . Royna Nehgyen supports protests but doesn't support violence against Chinese people. It also has started overseas as well.
  • 10th December: Anti-China protests started in Nallek and Nuevert . Warships have been deployed in the South China Sea. Factories around Phaluhm Phoueck are now on strike.
  • 11th December: Xi Jinping told the Phaluhm Embasy in Bejing to stop the riots or face severe consequences.
  • 13th December: The Chinese Embasy in Phaluhm was evacuated after a fire broke out. It is suspected to be linked to the riots. It has also urged Chinese citizens to move out as fast as possible. 30,000 people participated in a national anthem concert in Istallan Island in the North Phaluhm Islands, the closest island to China.
  • 14th December: Royna Nehgyen announced a ceasefire on the Islamic Front due to the focus on the South China Sea conflict and the 2015 State Plan
  • 15th December: Royna Nehgyen announces a new military alliance between the IWO. It will not intefere with the Phaluhm-China dispute, but will help resolving issues peacefully. The 2015 State Plan passed for 61 for and 59 against in Parliament.
  • 16th December: Royna Nehgyen ends riots by signing the Treaty of Finskeby. She has promised better military spending and more assistance from its allies.

Posters Edit


  • Phaluhm Phoueck Royna Nehgyen supports the protests and encourages to defend its national sovereignty. She doesn't want violence between Chinese people and buisnesses however. The Phaluhm government will strictly punish people who commit acts of violence against Chinese people.
  • Vietnam Vietnam strongly supports Phaluhm, but sometimes disagrees on the south islands. After 2013, Phaluhm has significantly increased relations with Vietnam.
  • Philippines Malaysia  Philippines and Malaysia strongly supports Phaluhm, and disagrees with China

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