The Air Phaluhm Flight 778 was a flight that flies from Dauham Sammar Hazaham to Paris. It was shot down by the Islamic Front on 17 September 2015, 20:57. It was caused by going across Kambular and going to the central area, instead of going around the island. It was misidentified as a attack aircraft and poor tropical weather caused by Typhoon Nsygwalen. All 280 people and 5 crew members died.

Incident Description Edit

At 20:30, the flight to Paris started taxing and at 20:36, the airplane started to take off. By 20:40, the pilots realise that the ground staff did not fuel it properly to go to Dubai International, so it was given the authorisation to cut through Kambular, even though it is against the rules from Phaluhm Airspace.

By 20:55, a IF fighter saw the plane, which resembled an attack aircraft and pulled a anti-aircraft gun. By 20:56, it passed a military training ground, and by 20:57 the plane was shot down.

Nationalities of Victims Edit

Nationality Passengers Crew Total
French 240 5 245
Phaluhm 33 0 33
Filipino 10 0 10
Australian 6 0 6
German 6 0 6
American 2 0 2
Total 280 16 285

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