The Anti-Corruption Society of Phaluhm Phoueck (often called the ACS) is a non-governmental society in Phaluhm Phoueck aiming to stop all forms of corruption. They are based at Mainroad 12, Downtown Wikas.

Zero-maddasal noteEdit

The zero maddasal note is their most famous campaign (and unofficial mascot), started in May, 2013 since over 100,000 have been distributed. This 'note' was inspired by the 5th Pillar Zero-rupee note in India. The money is designed to be issued toward governmental offices that solicit bribes for constitutionally 'free' services. As one advertisement in a newspaper read 'You Want Bribe - But We Give You Zero!'. The note itself is an identical size and near-identical design to the Ш50 note, but the left stripe is black, with 'Ш0' and some informational text. The inverse of the bill reads 'PAY THIS AS A BRIBE, NOT REAL MONEY. THEN REPORT IT TO PRF.'

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