Balikbatan is a portmanteau of "balik" (backwards) and "batan" (crazy), used to describe political and cultural issues from the Sultan and Hamal years and its related issues. The most popular balikbatan issues are the New Hamalist Party and Muslim Party. 

The origin of the word was used in 2004, when then prime minister Danzel Butal, described Muslim and Hamal terrorists as balikbatan brainwashed people. The term is used in news, political speaches and parliament. Royna Nehgyen also said that Balikbatan parties as one of the most undemocratic parties ever.

List of Balikbatan parties or groupsEdit


  • New Hamalist Party
  • Muslim Party
  • DIP
  • Hamalist Rouge


  • San Sabyleo League
  • Islamic Front

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