Name Balulu
Full name Balulu Kyngdyum
Capital Kristtan Kallhal
Official language(s) English, Phaluhm (Latin & Abyar) , Malay
Area 202 ha
Population 3,205
Demonym Baluhm
Sultan Sultan Thyenruhm
Prime Minister Massal Mackadonia
More information
Motto There is no god but God; Muhammad is the messenger of God.

Nyehn Allah byet Allah; Muhammad sa messygenar sa Allah.

نيِهن َللَه بيِت َللَه؛ مُهَممَد سَ مِسسيگِنَر سَ َللَه.

National anthem Balulu's unite
Currency Maddasal (MAL) Ш
Time zone UTC +8\ DST +9
Internet TLD .bl
ISO 3166-1 BL
Telephone code +694 64
Balulu Kyngdyum (Abyar Phaluhm: بَلُلُ كينگديُم) is a independent city state in Magazena, Phaluhm Phoueck. It was a subset of the Brunei Kingdom, and then became a protectorate of Spain and Britian.  It gained independence in 1960, when citizens protested for a independent state. Balulu is the third smallest country in the world. It is often referred to as 'the Vatican of Asia'. It's the only citystate in the world which capital has not the same name as the name of the country. Balulu was a subset of the Brunei and Empire until the country was defeated by the Spanish. The Spanish then made Balulu a protectorate of Spain, and then Britian, after the Seven Year War.

Balulu is a city state. It is recognised as a single entity as Greater Phaluhm Phoueck by many other organisations. During the 1900s, the region was recognised as the richest region in Phaluhm Phoueck, but are resistant for independence as it will sour relations with the US.

In 1960, Balulu was independent, which sparked outrage by Phaluhm Phoueck. From May 1960 to June 1961, the Balulu - Phaluhm war sparked. The US and the Soviet Union stayed out of this war because Phaluhm Phoueck is a US ally and Balulu are neutral during the Cold War. In November 1961, No Man Land was added due to the tension, but the tension was eased off due to the overthrow.

After this, they ditched the unstable Bhalhm and used the Maddasal as their currency. They also changed their driving side to the left. These were called the Balulu Intergration.

Balulu today is a small but prommising nation, dispite its size. It is a member of the UN,ASEAN, ACD, APEC and WTO.

History Edit

Sultan Tuan Dohak Thyenruhm

Sultan Tuan Dohak Thyenruhm

Sultan Tuan Dohak Thyenruhm (1890-1966) was one of the richest people in the country, known as a collector of art and motorcars.

Government Edit

Balulu has the smallest democracy in the world with 10 MP's. It has the same system as Phaluhm Phoueck. 5 MP's go to the Senate and 5 MP's go to the House of Repersentatives.

It meets at the Government Box, which all the government and its departments takes place.

It's current Prime Minister is Massal Mackadonia. It is a Islamic country but doesn't follow Shariah law. Its current head of state, is Sultan Thyenruhm

Military Edit

Balulu has no official standing army since 1983. It relies on Phaluhm Phoueck Armed Forces for protection.

Economy Edit


Balulu has virtualy no economy as it is relied on Phaluhm Phoueck, but it is mostly in the fishery and plantation buisness. It is also a member of ASEAN and APEC.

Culture Edit

Sports Edit

There's only one football club in Balulu Darussalam, wich plays in the 1st Division: FC Balulu.

Transportation Edit

Balulu has one road that links to Phaluhm Phoueck, the A5, which goes from Junction 1 near Gina Bassu to Kristtan Kallhal. It also has ferry ports to Klas Bay, Tansato or Dassaryum. It also has an airport called Kristtan Airport.

It has a railway station which leads to other cities around Magazena. Local bus networks also serve outside of the nation.

Border passing Edit

Balulu has no border checks or passports since 1983. Most citizens carry a Phaluhm passport instead.