Crime is moderatly low in Phaluhm Phoueck but has significant issues over crime in Phaluhm.


Corruption is widespread in Phaluhm Phoueck. Means of corruption include graft, birbery, embezzlement, backdoor deals, nepotism and patronage.

According to a World Bank study in 2006, corruption in Phaluhm is considered to be the worst among South East Asia and the country has sunk even lower among those regarding governmental reforms. The 2015 CPI score was 38, published by Transparency International, shows that the situation has improved dramaticly since 2006, but still remained serious.

Corruption in Phaluhm Phoueck ranges from all levels of the government. Companies generally have little confidence in the Phaluhm justice system and this is due to incompetent court personnel.


Anti-corruption campaign poster

Anti-corruption campaignEdit

In 2014, the Nyen Korruptsyon + Honistia justyice an polezi = Ya samal! campaign launched by Royna Nehgyen, hoping that it will reduce corruption. Individals caught with corruption could face a fine of over Ш20,000, 10 - 48 hours of community service or even 5 years in prison. So far 4 people have been fined, 6 people are doing community service and 12 people are in prison, mostly from businesses and government institutions.


SIRO San Sabyleo, Anti-corruption Radio ad.

Petty crimeEdit

Petty crime, which includes pick-pocketing is a key issue in Phaluhm. It takes place in locations with many people, ranging from malls to mosques. Travelling alone to withdraw cash after dark is a risk, especially for foreigners.

Organised crimeEdit

Organised crime is low but is still an issue. Organised crime can be linked to certain families or gangs who perpetrate crimes ranging from extortion, sale of illegal narcotics, lime sharking, robbery, kidnapping and murder.


Violent crime is moderate in the country; foreigners are usually the victims. As most Phaluhms are stricken with poverty, one alternative is to kidnap for money.

Prositution and Human TraffickingEdit

Prositution is legal in Phaluhm but under strict government regulation. For those involved in trafficking, owners will be forced to pay a fine of over Ш500,000 to the victim and a life sentence. Human trafficking is a significant issue but it is low. Sex slavery, slavery and child prostitution is illegal.

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