is a chain of coffeehouses and internet cafes in Phaluhm, which is owned by Pham-Su, where you can relax or eat something quick, grab a snack or drink coffee or other beverages while you sit down or use our computers. It is a competitor to Cake 'n' Bake.



Inside of a Cyban in Dauham Sammar Hazaham

  • Sandwiches and pani-presses -  Ш50
  • Cold Beverages - Ш40
  • Hot Beverages - Ш70
  • Pastries and cakes - Ш50
  • Ice cream - Ш60
  • Salads - Ш40

Computer servicesEdit

Some shops have several public computers, which are all connected to the internet, for Ш10 per minute. They are all Dell Optiplex Micro's and they all run the Ubuntu operating system.


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