Demokraticka Phaluhm
is the oldest rebel group in Phaluhm Phoueck. It's main aim was for a "free republic" until the 1980s when its main aim was changed to "pro democracy". It lasted from 1787 to 1996. It had been disolved as the Liberal National Party.


It started when Phaluhm nationalism grew within the British and Spanish colonial governments in 1787, but disagreeded with the Sultan of Phaluhm Phoueck, as it should be "free republic". It was not significant until the Execution of Carlos Roxas, the leader of Demokraticka Phaluhm, in 1879. Many supported the Demokraticka Phaluhm rebel group more than the Muslim Alliance of Phaluhm Phoueck.

East Phaluhm was granted independence from the Spanish in 1898, but wanted Phaluhm Phoueck to reunite. This was not possible as the Phaluhm-American war started, and the United States gained Phaluhm Phoueck in 1913. In 1915, it became an insular state and then in 1935, it became a Commonwealth. As a joint session with the British West Phaluhm, it is agreed that the Muslim Aliance of Phaluhm Phoueck, shall rule the islands.

In 1947, the Phaluhm Civil War erupted and the MAPP won the civil war. Demokraticka Phaluhm was exiled to Taiwan and Philippines. After the 1976 assasination of  Nyel Nyetastian in Westal City, Demokraticka Phaluhm started to gain influence, but never took off as UDU because it promised economical boost as it was slowly recovering from The Great Race.

The Sultan's son, Yenah Kaliybatan, wanted to make strong links to DP, but can't be made because of strong republican beliefs, but this changed from anti-monarchy to pro-democracy as their main focus as the sultan on exile started to invest in the rebel group. The Demokraticka Phaluhm was the main hold of the 1995 Phaluhm Revolution and gained control of Phaluhm Phoueck. In 1996, it disolved and became the Liberal National Party, while other remainments of the group joined other parties.

Notable MembersEdit

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