The Department of Foreign Relations (Phaluhm: Ng Departteram sa Foreign Rallatolabo) is a government departement tasked with foreign affairs and international relations. It recognises all IWO nations, and most other countries.

Embassies of Phaluhm Edit


Country Address or City Ambassador Image
Brunei Bandar Seri Begawan Tebla Sammalatta
Cambodia Phnom Penh Tyhen Sableo
Indonesia Jakarta Den Nygaal
Laos Vientiane Taso Seaahn
Malaysia Kula Lumpar Ruhan Sabeha
Myanmar (Burma) Naypidaw Ruthar Seg
Philippines Manila Thayle Ngbyle
Singapore Singapore Chen Nag Bwyen
Thailand Bangkok Iala Sabahl
Vietnam Hanoi Neghal Selwal

EU Edit

Country Address or City Ambassador Image
France Paris
UK London
Germany Berlin
Italy Rome

IWO Edit

Country Address or City Ambassador Image
Brunant 10 Carrington Avenue, Grafstad, Koningstad
Lovia 22 Freedom Avenue, Artista, Noble City
Libertas Zeeweg 2, Middelburg, Wikistad

North America Edit

South America Edit

West Asia Edit

South Asia Edit

East and Central Asia Edit

Asia-Pacific Edit

Africa Edit

See also Edit

Phaluhm Departments
Tourism and Culture - Energy - Finance - Foreign Relations - Justice - Industry, Agriculture and Trade - Transportation - Welfare - Health - Environment - Defence - Education

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