Escape Routes
is a term used to describe the fleeing of Muslim terrorists and illegal immigrants to Vietnam and China. The term was first used when Zabbah Syectha escaped from Nuevert to Da Nang, Vietnam in 1986, to escape his life sentence in Phaluhm Phoueck. He then was executed in Vietnam instead.

Routes takenEdit

  • The most popular route is Phaluhm Phoueck to Da Nang, as it is close and is the quickest route to take, but the increased military presence in the Paracel Islands has been difficult for terrorists to flee.
  • The second most popular route is Phaluhm Phoueck to Sanya, China. It has been frowned apon because of Anti-Phaluhm sentiment and increased military presence.

Efforts takenEdit

New propaganda targeted to terrorists and illegal immigrants are at effect at international ports. Different at the Coast has been the most effective propaganda as it shows that the maximum term in Phaluhm Phoueck is a life sentence while in Vietnam and China, it is a death sentance. 

More border guards and fences have been installed at international ports to combat terrorists and illegal immigration.

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