Football Plan 2010 is the (unofficial) name given to a program/project carried out by the Phaluhm Phoueck Football Association in 2010. The program involved sponsoring young, promising foreign footballers and their families to move to Phaluhm Phoueck and play football there, with the goal of calling them up for the Phaluhm Phoueck national football team once they became eligible, and thereby improving the quality of the national team. The Football Plan 2010 players became eligible for Phaluhm Phoueck in early 2015, and several of them were indeed called up for the national team.

Internationally, Football Plan 2010 received some criticism for being unsportsmanlike, but it has been positively received by clubs within the country.

16 players were brought to Phaluhm Phoueck via Football Plan 2010, including nine from Brazil, five from Nigeria and two from Mexico.


Players in bold have appeared for the Phaluhm Phoueck national football team.

Player Birth date and location Club enrolled at
Flag of Brazil Victor Lopes 7 July 1995, Rondonópolis FC Uktebattar
Flag of Brazil Zikinho 20 August 1994, Pelotas Nuyelpheen Tigers

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