The Iranian-Phaluhm proxy conflict is an ongoing conflict between Iran and Phaluhm. The conflict started when the Phaluhm Revolution started, months after the Irainian Revolution. The Phaluhm Revolution promoted a Pro-Western economy when the Iranian Revolution promoted a Anti-Western economy.

Iran has also been accused of financing the Islamic Front, supporting China over the Spratly Islands and promoting anti-Phaluhm propoganda, while the Phaluhm government has been accused of supporting Israel's Nuclear Program, MEK and PJAK.

International Supporters Edit

Phaluhm side Edit

USA Edit

The USA has been supporting Phaluhm Phoueck since the 1980 Phen Bombings which was supported by the Islamic Front. It has also been looking for a peaceful solution for this conflict.

Israel Edit

As Israel is a major anti-Iranian ally, it had been making ties and supporting the Phaluhm side of the conflict.

Philippines Edit

The Philippines has also been supporting the Phaluhm government. It had financed the Phaluhm Army and the army has been participating in the Balikatan military exercises.

Iranian side Edit

China Edit

Due to the Chinese-Phaluhm war and the Spartly Island dispute, China has decided to support the Iranian side, due to conflicts around the South East Asian region.

Malyasia and Brunei Edit

Due to increased anti-Muslim sentiment around Phaluhm Phoueck during the 1980s, it had been supporting the Iranian side, this ended in 1994, when relations had been normalised.

See Also Edit

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