Name Javahezam
Hexacode JAV-NZN
Population 56,280
Language(s) English, Phaluhm
Location Nazahezan

Javahezam is a large Phaluhm city located in Nazahezan in the Phyezan Peninsula. The town was founded in 1412, and has a very rich history including migration waves from Asia. The region has been strongly influenced by Malay cultures.

Javahezam is surrounded by an environmentally signtificant area, and is known for its beaches and rocks. The city has significantly higher rates of religiosity, and Islam is the most significant religion in the city. It is also known for its gambling culture and is reffered as the Vegas from the East.


Below is the urban area of Javahezam. Kutakalan Bay is the downtown area of Javahezam.

*1 Sabino-Hezyno Cachuela *1
Kutakalan Bay
South China Sea


Javahezam lies within the rocky and hilly peninsula which is called the Phyezan Peninsula. The town is surrounded by the South China Sea. In the coast, it is more rocky but when in the central area, it is more flat and green. The city is connected by the M1, which passess Kutakalan Bay and out to the Strait of Java to Tansato.

You can also visit the Java beach at anytime of the year, you can go fishing, diving in the Java Reef, swimming and much more. The beach goes around the peninsula so every neighbourhood in Javahezam has a beach. Kutakalan is the downtown area of Javahezam, while Cachuela is the residential area and Sabino-Hezyno is the industrial area.

Tourisim Edit

Javahezam is one of the best developed tourist locations in Phaluhm. It is popular during the summer holidays due to the beautiful and extremely clean beaches. Next to the beaches, there are small hotels and shopping areas. It's most popular feature is gambling and casinos. The most popular casinos are Casino Fyal and WinAtJava. There are also lots of parks and fields around Javahezam, such as Central Park or Blue Park.

Education Edit

The Javahezam University repersents the east coast of Nazahezan. It also provides education to elementary and secondary education near Cachuela.

Media Edit

The local Javahezan newspaper is the Java Noble, which is written in Phaluhm and English.

Transportation Edit

There is a railway station that is served by the East Nazahezan Line. There is also a ferry to other Phaluhm costal settlements. The Kantakal Bridge links Tansato with Javahezam.


Now follows eligible voters in Javahezam:

Party 2011 2013 2015
Entitled to vote 20,569 22,304 24,214
CP 3,749 2,918 2,116
LNP 3,052 2,495 2,797
LP 1,180 1,298 1,034
MP 279 325 668[1]
GP 240 419 436
IP 355 326 540
NHP 92 107 79
PP N/A 68 54
RUP 12 29 43
Total (valid) 8,959 7,985 7,099
  1. vote invalid

Twin cities and townsEdit