Jet Telecom PLC


Welcoming the Future

Name Jet Telecom PLC
Type Telecommunications company
Industry Telecom
Owner(s) Jet Telecom PLC (75%)
Axiata Group (20%)
Yenah Kaliybatan (5%)

Jet Telecom PLC, doing business as Jet Telecom, is Phaluhm Phoueck's largest mobile telecommunications company. It was founded by Yan Sei Pari on April 23, 2005, as a successor to Phaluhm Sel which had existed since 1987. It has an estimated revenue of US$90.8 million (1.27 billion maddasal) in 2014. It is owned in 75% by the Pari Business Group, in 20% by the Malaysia-based Axiata Group, and in 5% by the Kaliybatan Group.

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