Karima Kaliybatan Identity
Name Karima Kaliybatan
Full name Karima Kolketa Kaliybatan
Sex Female
Born 4th June 1969, Dauham Sammar Hazaham
Spouse Yenah Kaliybatan
Children Kryestan Kaliybatan

Hanyan Kaliybatan

Parents Janvier Kolketa

Rossan Kolketa

Home Patriam City, Patriam
Languages English, Phaluhm
Sunni Muslim
Ruling Monarch
Reign 1982-
Karima Kaliybatan is the current rajah of the Royal Phaluhm government in exile. She has been maried to Yenah since October 3rd 1977 and has two children: Kyrestan and Hanyan.

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