Name Klas Bay
Hexacode KLS-MGA
Population 80,520
Language(s) English, Phaluhm, Tagalog
Location Magazena
Klas Bay (Before 1979: Magazena City) is an port-city in Magazena.  The Klas Bay is named after one of the protestesters, Haydian Klas, who was protesting about womans rights. It is also named after the lake between the Northern Klas Peninsula and the Southern Klas Peninsula, which also got the name from Haydian Klas.

Klas Bay is a popular shopping destination as it has many shops and resturants around the picturesque area of the Klas Lake and the Southern Klas Peninsula from the Northern Klas Peninsula. 


South China Sea
Klascity Old Port
Shopping Bay
Klas Bay 


The city is dependent of its tourisim and shopping. It is also a major trading port for Magazena, as it contains one of the largest container ports in Phaluhm Phoueck. It is also a major car production city, with Uduan Car Production site based in Klas Bay.


Klas Bay is notable for its picturesque scene around Shopping Bay. The Southern Klas Peninsula can be seen by the south side of Klas Bay. An artist described the scene as "lush green palm trees within the steap enbankment into the blue crystal bay of Magazena Bay (now Klas Bay)." It is protected under the Department of Environment .