Laws concerning specific issuesEdit

Age ofEdit



Criminal Resp.

Drinking Driving Marriage Retirement Smoking Voting
Phaluhm PhoueckPhaluhm Phoueck 13 16 18 16 18 65 18 18
Balulu Balulu Kyngdyum 18 13 Illegal 18 18 62 18 21
FlagssSan Sabyleo 13 16 18 16 18 65 18 18
Muslim States


16 21 16 18 62 18 18

LGBT rights

LGBT rights in: Same-sex sexual activity Recognition of same-sex unions Same-sex marriage Adoption by same-sex couples LGB allowed to serve openly in military? Anti-discrimination laws concerning sexual orientation Laws concerning gender identity/expression
Phaluhm PhoueckPhaluhm Phoueck Yes Legal since 1996 Yes YesSince 2010 Yes YesSince 2010 Yes Bans all discrimination Yes Full recognition of gender
Balulu Balulu Kyngdyum

No Illegal Penalty: deportation to Phaluhm Phoueck, fines or prison time.

No No No No No No
FlagssSan Sabyleo

Yes Legal since 1936

Yes YesSince 2010 Yes YesPhaluhm Phoueck provides defence

Yes Bans all discrimination

 Yes Full recognition of gender

Muslim States

Illegal (Muslims only)

Yes Legal since 1996

No No No

YesPhaluhm Phoueck provides defence

Yes Bans all discrimination


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