Liberal National Party
Abbreviation LNP
Leader Royna Nehgyen
Deputy None
Founded 1995
Ideology Nationalism, liberalism
Spectrum Centre-right, towards right
Phaluhm Politics
Successor National Party

Liberal Party

Close to CP, MP
Far from LP, GP
Reps 32/100
Sens  ???
Municipal  ???
Royna Nehgyen, Kinel Rishaz

The Liberal National Party was a politcal party in Phaluhm Phoueck. It was a centre-right party that is comparable to Lovia's CNP, Brunant's FLP or Juliana's Civic Right.

2016 Liberal National SplitEdit

In 3, November 2016, Jorge Wannas declared the Liberal National coalition to end. Kinel Rishaz has been voted to lead the new Liberal Party and Jorge Wannas has been voted to lead the new National Party. The preceding PM, Royna Nehgyen disagreed with the split as it is a  "threat to unity". She will not join the National Party, opting to join the Liberal Party. 10 MP's joined the Liberal Party, while the rest joined the National Party.


Add your (character's) name on the list to join the party! (we need 30 more)

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