Los Etos Corporation


Everyone say Negywan!

Name Los Etos Corporation
Product Beverages
Founded 1895

Los Etos is a beer company based in San Sabyelo and in Dauham Sammar Hazaham. It was founded in 1895, as a competitor to San Miguel in the Philippines. It's flagship product, Los Etos Beer is one of the most popular beers in Asia and the flagship beer of Phaluhm Phoueck. Los Etos also has different drinks such as Manbo which is a spirit based on different Phaluhm produce.

A significant feature of Los Etos beer is tamper evident stickers, which is required in all Phaluhm food pacakging, due to the Phaluhm Food Tamperings.

Los EtosEdit


A 330ml can of Los Etos Beer

Los Etos is the flagship product of Los Etos Corporation. It is a Phaluhm pale pilsen beer (3.6% alc/vol) which was first introduced in 1895 as competitor to San Miguel beer. There are two versions, a 330ml can and bottle and a 1000ml bottle. At Pham-Su as of 29.09.15 a 330ml can/bottle sells for Ш67.00 and a 1000ml bottle sells for Ш150.00.


Manbo is the second product of Los Etos Corporation. It is a distilled spirit (30% alc/vol) which is based on different types of Phaluhm produce such as pineapples and mangoes. There are four  versions, a 330ml mango pre-mixed can and bottle and a 1000ml mango bottle or a 330ml pineapple can and bottle and a 1000ml pineapple bottle. (Both flavours sell for Ш82.00 in pre-mixed form or Ш290.00 as a litre bottle.

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