The Maddasal (Ш, ISO code: PPM, Phaluhm: Myeddasal, Spanish: Madasala)  is the curency of Phaluhm Phoueck and Balulu Darussalam. It officialy succeeded the US dollar and the Pound Sterling in 1949 as the national currency. It is pegged at 15 maddasal to one euro, and the maddasal is divided into 100 pence. Coins are in denominations of copper 50p and Ш1, silver Ш2, Ш5, Ш10 and gold Ш20. Notes are in denominations of Ш50, Ш100, Ш200, Ш500 and Ш1,000.

Coins Edit


The notes use the same design, but in different colours, which make them prone to counterfeiting, but it also has some security features such as holographic stripes and microprinting.

Live exchangeEdit

Currency 1 Maddasal is ...
USD $ $0.73987560
EUR € €0.06666666
GBP £ £0.04357298
JPY ¥ ¥8.92426701
AUD $ $0.10169820
CAD $ $0.09661662
INR ₨ ₨4.77242237
NZD $ $0.10909745


The Maddasal's symbol is unique throughout the world. It is based on the Cyrillic letter 'sh'.

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