Mals Chicken House


Name Mals Chicken House
Type Resturant
Origin 1990
Owner(s) Pham-Su
Headquarters Phaluhm Phoueck

Mals Chicken House is a chicken based resturant. It is based on Spanish based recipes. They also serve peri-peri chicken, rice, kebabs, salads, sausages and chips.


  • Peri-Peri Chicken - Ш70 (half),  Ш90 (full) 
  • Spanish Rice - Ш50 (medium), Ш60 (large)
  • Chips - Ш50 (medium), Ш60 (large)
  • Kebab -  Ш60
  • Salad -  Ш60
  • Chorizo sausage - Ш40
  • Chicken burger - Ш70 (medium), Ш90 (large) 


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