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Massetto Corporation
(PSX: MSC) is an Phaluhm confectionary company that is based in Mahazam, Dauham Sammar Hazaham. Massetto starting in 1899 with the opening of the first sweet shop in Dauham Sammar Hazaham. Since then the business grew with its second store opening in San Sabyleo in 1946.

The company is famous for the Scroll Bar candy which was a chocolate bar with lemon zest and hazelnuts which was first produced at the Massetto corner shop. It has been massed produced in 1939 to help with the war effort but was ceased during 1942 to 1944 with occupied Phaluhm. It has been regarded as a staple of Phaluhm candy as they are cheap and widely available from most stores to hypermarkets. They also sell Conker gummy candies and Alpine cereal.

Products SoldEdit


Scroll Bar Packaging

Scroll BarEdit

  • Scroll Bar Original - lemon zest and hazelnuts
  • Scroll Bar Lemon No Nut - lemon zest
  • Scroll Bar Apple - lemon zest and apple
  • Scroll Bar Cookies - cookies and cream chocolate
  • Scroll Bar Poppers - popping candy and lemon zest
  • Scroll Bar Alpine - cereal and lemon zest
  • Scroll Bar Raisin- original with rasin
  • Scroll Bar Citrus - lemon zest with oranges


  • Conker D'original - assorted gummy candies
  • Conker D'sour - assorted sour gummy candies


  • Alpine Original - sugar cornflakes
  • Alpine Health - cornflakes
  • Alpine Chocolate Love - chocolate cornflakes
  • Alpine Strawberry - dried strawberry cornflakes
  • Alpine Cereal Bars

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