Phaluhm Phoueck observes several public holidays. Except some emergency services, people are not required to go to work at that day. Rememberance Day, Agustan Day, Nyel Nyetastian Day and Revolution Day are not public holidays, but observed by a minute of silence.


Event Date Details
New Years Day (Neuver Yreskya Danta) 1st January
Mawlid 3rd January
Agustan Day (Agustan Danta) 4th Febuary Commemorates the Kota Kambular Masacre. Named after a famous shrine which was destroyed.
Chinese New Year (Chino Neuver Yreskya) 19th Febuary
Good Friday (Sammal Fytan) 3rd April
Nyel Nyetastian Day (Nyel Nyetastian Danta) 4th April Death of Nyel Nyetastian
Labour Day (Laybratan Danta) 1st May First introduced in Hamalist years (1979-1995)
Revolution Day (Revolution Danta) 6th June  Commemorates the 1979 Phaluhm Revolution.
Phaluhm Day (Phaluhm Danta) 12th June Celebrates the independence from the United States and the United Kingdom
Eid'l Fitr (Enddato Ramadan) 17th July
Eidul Adha 24th September
Heroes Day (Hyerto Danta) 1st October Birth of Juan Calystio, which he began the Spanish Phaluhm independence
Islamic New Year (Isylamyen Neuver Yreskya) 14th October
Christmas Day (Cristmasan Danta) 25th December

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