The National Monument Service (Phaluhm: Nryetina Monumenta Serwis) is a government service dedicated to the preservation of historical monuments throughout Phaluhm Phoueck. It was founded on 7 October 1990 and the head of the service is currently Matthew Rath. It is at 12 Thynes in Nuyelpheen. It is part of the IWO Heritage group.

The logo is based on the three categories: Natural, Artifical and Social\Historic.



  • The Klas Bay - Klas Bay, Magazena
  • Nazahezan Hills  - Nazahezan
  • Java Reef - Javahezam, Nazahezan
  • Central Retato Cliffs - Retato
  • Kota Kambular Beach - Kota Kambular, Kambular


  • Augustan Shrine - Kota Kambular, Kambular
  • Town Hall of Westal City - Westal City, Magazena
  • City of San Sabyleo - San Sabyleo, Nazahezan
  • City of Nallek - Nallek, Nazahezan
  • Town of Tansanto - Tansanto, Nuybuey
  • Nuevert Docks - Nuevert, Kambular
  • Peace Wall - Near Klas Bay, Magazena
  • The Capitol - Dauham Sammar Hazaham, Nazahezan
  • Phaluhm Phoueck Grand Mosque - Dauham Sammar Hazaham, Nazahezan
  • Phaluhm Musuem - Dauham Sammar Hazaham, Nazahezan
  • Otopliek Plantations - Dauham Sammar Hazaham, Nazahezan


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