The New Peace Framework is an proposal to solve the Islamic and Communist insurgency. It will not however put peace with terrorist groups such as DIP and will continue to fight with them. It has proposed by numerious MP's, including Muslim and Communist Party individuals. Jorge Wannas, the new PM, advocates for the New Peace Framework, and is one of the key figures behind the framework

In August 8, 2016 during the IWO sumit. Jorge Wannas persisted on both parties to co ordinate within the New Peace Framework. He had threatened to leave the IWO if the SEDEF does not comply before August 8, 2017.


The New Peace Framework aims to:

  1. Stop conflict
  2. Stop civilan and military casualties
  3. Reduce foreign involvement in designated areas
  4. Work to find a common objective
  5. Set up a Islamic state government where Muslims are the majority.
  6. Allow the Communist\Muslim Parties in government positions
  7. Work against extremisim
  8. Develop ties with foreign powers.

Opinions and Public SupportEdit

The PM, Jorge Wannas advocates for the framework. Some Islamic Fronts advocates peace, but some have threatened to join Abu Sayaff or DIP. Most communist rebels are willing to surrender and work with the government. The Labor Party supports the New Peace Framework.

The Christian Society of Phaluhm has critised the government due to giving more power to an autocracy. Vicar Willam Nuyego urged the public to remind the 1979 Phaluhm Revolution. The Conservative Party opposes the New Peace Framework due to the Islamic right wing views of Shariah Law and bringing communists in power will influence the spread of Hamalism and Communism.

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