Peoples Network Corporation


Name Peoples Network Corporation
Type Nationwide TV network
Origin Westal City
Traded as PNC
Founded 1980 (illegal)

1995 (legal)

Owner(s) Private
Service area Nationwide

Peoples Network Corporation or PNC is a television network company based in Westal City and Dauham Sammar Hazaham. PNC started as a pirate TV station as it broadcasted anti-Hamalist propaganda. After the 1995 Phaluhm Revolution, multiple TV companies started setting up and PNC was given its license to broadcast.



Poster from October 1986.

In 1980, a group of university students from the University of Westal City started making their own pirate TV network at unused Channel 3. Every Sunday at 7:00AM to 10:00PM they will broadcast PNC. The shows are mainly movies such as Star Wars and Back to the Future and some anti-Hamalist propaganda and news every four hours.

The channel was not noticed as much until October 1986, when posters was given by secret to random addresses around Phaluhm Phoueck to tune in to Channel 3 every Sunday for the latest movies, TV shows and music. The government in 1987 began tracking down the signals and PNC was now moved from Phaluhm Phoueck to various areas using a ship even going as far as South China. In 1991, the group was arrested and charged of broadcasting interruption and submitting propaganda. The original sentence was a life sentence but several requests made it a death penalty in 1993.

The group was placed in death row at Kota Kambular but a Islamic Front bombing damaged the building. All 40 inmates including the group managed to escape in 1995. Three months later, the PTV building was raided by rioters and demanded the release of the group or more sanctions will take place, including the killing of Khem Hamal. After August 1995, the PNC was given the license to broadcast and was also given a headquarters over Westal City and Dauham Sammar Hazaham.


PNC 1Edit

PNC 1 is the first channel of PNC. It is broadcasted from Channel 3, the same one where the Pirate TV network was broadcasted every Sunday. It opened in 1980 illegally and 1995 legally.

PNC 2Edit

PNC 2 is the second channel of PNC. It consists of mainly documentaries and educational content. It opened in 1997.

PNC 3Edit

PNC 3 is the third channel of PNC. It consists of mainly music videos.

PNC KidzEdit

PNC Kidz is the fourth channel of PNC. It consists of mainly kids based shows.

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