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Bahaga Phaluhm
Spoken in: Phaluhm Phoueck, North Philippines, Brunei, Malaysia and Indonesia
Total speakers: 634,342
Origin: Phaluhm Phoueck
Language family: Austronesian
Writing system: Latin

Vietnamese and Latin (East Phaluhm) Arabic (Tyentan)

Official status
Official language in: Phaluhm Phoueck
Regulated by: Natynalya Bahaga Phaluhm Commysyon
Language codes
ISO 639-1: PP
ISO 639-2: PHL
ISO 639-3: PHL
More information on language in Phaluhm Phoueck

Phaluhm is the second official language of Phaluhm Phoueck, the first one being English. It is a Sunda-Sulawesi language, but with many English loanwords and it is spoken by Phaluhms of Bruneian descent. Since 1946 - 1979 and 1995 - present; it has been an official language of Phaluhm Phoueck.

According to a 2010 survey on the health of the Phaluhm language, the number of fluent adult speakers was about 25% of the Phaluhm population. A national census undertaken in 2015, says that 28% of the population could hold a converstation in Phaluhm about everyday life.


The English word comes from Phaluhm Phoueck. In Phaluhm Phoueck, the language is commonly referred to Bahaga Phaluhm, which means Phaluhm Language.

Official UseEdit

Phaluhm has three official languages - English, Phaluhm and Phaluhm Sign Language, and four national languages - Vietnamese, Chinese, Malay and Tagalog. Phaluhm gained this status with passing the Phaluhm Language Act in 1995. Most government agencies have billingual names; for example Department of Finance is the Ng Departteram sa Finacal, and places such as local government offices and roads display bilingual signs. Phaluhm Most recognises Phaluhm place names in its addresses, for instance:

Now Fashion
10 Chinotyesk
Nallek Sentiral
mostkod NZ-NA

Parliament and government agencies may be conducted in Phaluhm but will always require and interpreter, restricting its use to higher knowledge areas of Phaluhm and formal occasions.

An interpreter is always present in Parliament, in case a Member wishes to speak in Phaluhm.

The United Kingdom, Balulu Kyngdyum and the United States have revived the Phaluhm language, while the majority wishes to speak in Spanish. The three countries have recognised the preservation of their culture. When the UK has invaded Phaluhm Phoueck from the Spanish, it wanted to keep using Phaluhm and was revived.

Since 1998, the PTV Network has funded PTV Unta Bahaga Phaluhm, a brodacast entirely on the Phaluhm language. PTV Dota Bahaga Phaluhm has also been launched in 2012.

Geographic distributionEdit

Nearly all of the speakers are Phaluhms with Bruneian decient. Estimates of the number of speakers may vary: the 1995 census reports that 542,253. According to the 2005 census, however, it reports that 601,425 people can at least hold a conversation in Bahaga Phaluhm.

Phaluhm is still a community language in some predominantly-Phaluhm settlements in Kota Kambular and West Nazahezan regions. Increasing numbers of Phaluhm raise their children bilingually.

Colonialism and urbanisation led to a widespread language shift from Phaluhm to English. Therefore Phaluhm-speakers always communicate bilingually with English as either their first or second language.

Spanish LoanwordsEdit

asayr to annoy asar roast
asta rude movements hasta (in Arabic: Hatta) Influences from Latin ad ista (“to this”) until
bayle well and worth, ie/'that is to say'/namely, wages, advance pay vale ok! and voucher or promissory note
balont well/balloon balón ball
bandra within proximity of and band banda band, side
byrato cheap barato cheap, low prices
barkada group of friends barcada boatload
bastar as long as/secret basta enough, stop!
bidar lead actor or actress vida life
bomba erotica/nudity and bomb bomba bomb, and impressive or surprising (slang) used as an exclamation ("la bomba!")
chitkita gossip and girl chica girl, small
entonseso elite class entonces then, afterwards
impakto spirit causing temporary madness (originally elemental spirit from the earth) impacto impact, shock
kasila bathroom, toilet casilla square, cube, hut
kyrdia mistress (only) querida dear (used for female loved ones including mothers, sisters, aunts, and friends) and mistress (when used as "la querida")
kontrabyda villain contra vida against life
konyo rich or vain coño vagina (vulgar expletive)
kubeta toilet, outhouse cubeta bucket
kumustar How are you? / How is ___? ¿Cómo está? How are you? / How is ___?(only)
kwata money cuarta fourth, quarter (coin)
ola grandmother Lola derived from final syllable of abuela (grandmother) [See also 'lolo' from Abuelo]
maydre nun (only) madre mother (parent) and nun


bad maldito/


bad, damned, cursed
man-mon fluffy bread mamón (de "mamar"), mamón (de "mamas"), mamón (type of Mexican bread) suckle (from mamar "to suckle") mammary glands (as in the English word "mammaries") Also papaya in the Caribbean
maskyi even if por más que/ más que as much as; even if; even then;/more than
mut-sasa maid (only) muchacha maid (Mexico and Spain) and girl
paydre priest (only, inflexible) padre father (parent), priest
palengky market palenque palisade
paryde friend (slang) Corruption ofcompadre, and not to be confused withpare, the polite imperative of stop. godfather of one's child, friend
parì priest padre father, priest
pera-peyas money perra coin, penny
peraas pear pera pear
prymi steady, always firme firm, steady
pyesto chicken breast (only) pecho breast (in general including humans and other animals)
istasa puwerta front door puerta door
regla menstruation regla rule/ruler/menstruation
sekquro secure seguro secure, stable, sure
syverie to serve sirve He/she/it serves
sugar gambling jugar to play, to gamble
sugara gambler jugador gambler and player
syuplado snobbish, snooty, stubborn (child), brat soplado blown, inflated
syempre of course siempre always

See alsoEdit

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