The Phaluhm Communist Crisis (Phaluhm Komunistia Krisis) refers to the crisis between the government of Phaluhm Phoueck and communist and socalist parties such as the Communist Party, New Hamalism Party and the New People's Army.

In 1995, the NPA was established after the collapse of Hamal's government, due to the the fact that communist parties ruled most of the government's positions and after 1995, all reds and Hamalist's were stripped down of their jobs. In May 1996, the Communist Party and the New Hamalism Party joined forces against the Phaluhm government and against capitalism as a whole. Until 2002, the Communist Party and the NPA was funded by outside sources, such as China and worldwide communist parties. Between 1996 and 2012, more than 3,500 fatalities were issued.


In 1995, the Hamalist government was overthrown and Arsham Laman declared all communist and Hamalist parties as unconstitutional and stripped all people with connections to the groups out of government and society in general. In retaliation, the NPA was established in Rettato and started an armed rebelion against the government, as well as starting terrorist attacks such as the Westal City Bombings in 2006, which killed 17.

The NPA declared as the sucessor to the TNA (The Nation's Army), an Communist rebelion group during 1940 to 1948, which fought against the Japanese. It has no intention to negotate and is willing to overthrow DSH and achive their goal.



  • 1st March - Royna Nehgyen promises to free more reds if the communist's are willing to negotate.

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