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Welcome to Phaluhm Phoueck, a wiki about a fictional country called Phaluhm Phoueck, that anyone can edit! Write articles, start political parties, begin companines, make a character and many more!

You can start up your own buisness which is easy! You create a new page and write down introduction. Add categories and as much information as you like! You can also choose to join a company or cooperate with others. Phaluhm Phoueck has so much culture and history, that you can write about people in the present or in the past, you can be an author, an actor or anyone! But remember, make sure it is not breaking the rules and the law though!

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Phaluhm Phoueck Phaluhm Phoueck

The Federated States of Phaluhm Phoueck (West Phaluhm: Faharatto Stittan sa Phaluhm Phoueck, East Phaluhm: Faharatơ Sêtan sa Phaluhmñ Phoueckêñ) is a country in South East Asia. It consists of five islands, which are also states, Nazahezan, Kota Kambular, Nuybuey, Retatto and Magazena. These islands make up the Phaluhm Archipelago. Paluhm Phoueck is a consitutional and a parlimentary republic.

Phaluhm Phoueck has about 982,231 inhabitats, mostly with European, American, Filipino or Malayan decendents. They mostly live in the urban cities such as Dauham Sammar Hazaham, Tohezeck, Westal City or Nallek

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Air Phaluhm (Phaluhm: Aero Phaluhm) (ICAO: APM - IATA: PM - Callsign: PHALUHM) is the national flag carrier for Phaluhm Phoueck. They serve destinations at Europe, Asia, Africa and America. It is Phaluh's largest company from employee size, and is located at the PSX Top 100 Companies.

It was founded in 1938 as the second airline after Philippine Airlines. Air Phaluhm started by servicing planes to Bandar Seri Begawan in Brunei. They then expanded to Manila, Singapore, Bejjing, Hong Kong, Shezhen, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minch City, Kula Lumpar, Bangkok, Jakarta, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and Auckland.

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