The Phaluhm Sea standoff refers to tensions between PRC China and Phaluhm Phoueck which began on December 8th 2015, over the Phaluhm Navy's decision to block Chinese fishing vessels when a Chinese fishing vessel was spoted at the Phaluhm Sea.


The Phaluhm Sea is clamied by China as a part of the South China Sea, and Phaluhm Phoueck which is named the Vietnam-Phaluhm Sea or the Phaluhm Sea.

On December 8th 2015, an Armed Forces of Phaluhm Phoueck surveillance plane spotted three fishing vessels docked at the middle of the Phaluhm Sea. A warship was sent to survey the ships and was later confirmed the presence of the fishing vessels. The Phaluhm Navy discovered illegaly collected coral, giant clams and live sharks in all of the ships. The twelve fishermen were detained in a immigration detention centre in Dauham Sammar Hazaham, and was sent back to China in 10th December 2015. Since then, tensions have continued between the two countries.

Related IncidentsEdit

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