Phaluhm Stock Exchange


Name Phaluhm Stock Exchange
Type Stock Exchange
Origin Phaluhm Phoueck
Founded 1954
Owner(s) Department of Finance
Headquarters Dauham Sammar Hazaham

The Phaluhm Stock Exchange (PSX) is a stock exchange located in Kahal Kampular, Dauham Sammar Hazaham. It is the only stock exchange in Phaluhm Phoueck, and therefore serves Phaluhm Phoueck as its stock exchange. It was founded in 1954 and grew quickly and there are currently several market indexes in the stock exchange.

Trading board Edit

The companies will be updated every time something affects it or every first of a month if it isn't. Remember you need to be a public limited company (PLC) to trade on here.

The market indexes of the Phaluhm Stock Exchange are the P10 (top ten companies by share value), P25 (top twenty five companies by share value) and the PA which includes other companies in the stock exchange.

Company Cost/share
APM Ш46.20 (€3.1995264)
LBA Ш20.00 (€1.3712256)
PTV Ш29.84 (€1.9806592)
JET Ш75.23 (€5.0153378)
CMF Ш33.50 (€2.2419120)
CNB Ш21.18 (€1.4120000)
PSU Ш66.19 (€4.4132982)
PHM Ш37.27 (€2.4801656)
KLB Ш129.59 (€8.6406279)
LOS Ш16.63 (€1.1089213)
PNC Ш39.24 (€2.6139222)
ANG Ш32.20 (€2.1467005)
CBP Ш28.32 (€1.8802123)