Prince Krystan Kaliybatan and his wife Jonnor Kaliybatan.

Phaluhm traditional clothing refers to the traditional clothes of Phaluhm Phoueck. There is no national costume, but Phaluhm men traditional wear a Kayya and a women would wear a Kasha with a Hijab if Muslim.

The traditional dress in Phaluhm is the Kasha dress. This dress is said to have originated in Uktebattar, but the general style is seen across much of Phaluhm. The dress is traditionally in bright yellow but it can be in several different colours, and would feature a design pattern. In sultanate Phaluhm, women are required to wear a Hijab and a Kasha, but after 1979, this was no longer the case. It is now used in cultural and historical events, and it is not commonly used in everyday life.

Men traditionally wear the Kayya. It is a bright yellow long sleeved shirt and the trousers are the same colour of the shirt. The two parts are made out of the same fabric which is usually cotton or a mixture of polyester and cotton. The songkok is also usually worn.

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