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Name Pham-Su
Type Retail
Founded 1951
Headquarters Cheanyan Place, Islatella, Dauham Sammar Hazaham
Subsidiaries Various

Pham-Su is a Phaluhm based multinational retail conglomerate founded in 1951. It is known mainly for its supermarkets, restaurants and department stores. It is headquarted at Channon Place in Islatellea, Dauham Sammar Hazaham .


Location Type of shop
Mainroad, Busan Pham-Su Market
Fetalaha, Schany, Wikas Pham-Su Market
Portlane, Old Port, Klas Bay Pham-Su Express
Mainroad, Rembal Pham-Su Market
Klas MallShopping BayKlas Bay Pham-Su Hypermarket
5 Head Canal, Tansato Pham-Su Market
4 Cabutalyan, Nuevert Pham-Su Market
Gederovo, Los Hamños, San Sabyleo Pham-Su Hypermarket



Pham-Su MarketEdit

Pham-Su Market is normal size supermarkets.

Pham-Su HypermarketEdit


Pham-Su Hypermarket is a large supermarket with a supermarket, and a department stores which sells toys, books, electronics and clothes.

Pham-Su ExpressEdit


Pham-Su Express is a petrol station and convience store. These can be usualy found adjacent to supermarkets. The petrol stations are open to everyone but Pham-Su loyalty card members are open to discounts.

Pham-Su loyalty cardEdit


Pham-Su Express store in Klas City

Pham-Su royalty card members allow for discounts on any Pham-Su store or any Cyban Coffee Shops or Mals Chicken House . Pham-Su loyalty cards also give you free coffee, movie tickets or dinner if you meet a certian amounts of points.

Store informationEdit

Most Pham Su stores are open from 5:30 to 23:00.  Some stores are open from 6:00 to 0:00.