Since the Consituition of 1995 was signed, Phaluhm Phoueck has been a parliamentary democracy.


When Phaluhm Phoueck declared independence from the United States and the United Kingdom in 1946, Phaluhm Phoueck was a absolute monarchy, with the first monarch, Sultan Cham Khembyal Kaliybatan being the first head of state and head of government and then Sultan Nuyel Nattal Kaliybatan being the second and last. In 1979, the monarchy was abolished and a second consitution was signed in 1979. The new leader was Khem Hamal , which brought Phaluhm Phoueck into a dictatorship. He would make tough economical changes called Hamalisim. When Khem Hamal was overthrown in 1995, a third consitution was signed, stating that a Prime Minister was to have no more than two turns.

Political OfficesEdit

Political PartiesEdit

Phaluhm has several political parties from all over the country. Currently the six parties with seats in Parliament are: