SC Westal City
Full name Sports Club Westal City
Sports Football, Basketball, Rugby, Cycling, Tennis, Darts, Hockey, Korfball, Cricket

SC Westal City (abbrevation for Sports Club Westal City) is the largest sports-club of Phaluhm Phoueck. It is well known for her very good footballteam, basketballteam, rugbyteam, cricketteam, hockeyteam and cycling team, but also have a tennisclub, dartsclub and korfballteam.


In 1904, the football club FC Wasstala was founded.

In 1910, the club expand with a basketball club and was renamed to SC Wasstala.

In 1979, the club was renamed to SC Westal City, at the same moment that the city was renamed to Westal City.


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