State of San Sabyleo



Name State of San Sabyleo
Capital San Sabyleo
Official language(s) English
Population 8,530
Demonym Sabyleon
Arch Duke Aura Nabyelo
More information
National anthem Una perla de oriente ha sido creado
Currency Maddasal (Ш)
Time zone UTC +8
HDI ⇧ 0.930 (local)
Internet TLD
ISO 3166-1 PP-SS
Drives on left
Telephone code +83 05 47
 San Sabyleo is a state in the island of Nazahezan. It used to be a independent city state, but after 1st January 2000, it was incorparated into Phaluhm Phoueck as part of Nazahezan, but was granted statehood as a Phaluhm state in 2015. 

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