Stamps have been issued by the National Post from 1897 to 2001, and Phaluhm Most afterwards.


First two seriesEdit

The original 1897 stamps are very rare, and some may be worth over Ш500 apiece. The original British 1897 stamps, were issued in the following denominations: 1/2 penny (red), 1 penny (blue), 2 pence (green), 4 pence (magenta), 6 pence (navy blue), 1 shilling (black), and 2 shillings (grey). Later, in 1901, Series 2 was printed, which changed the Queen Victoria design on the stamps to a Phaluh flag imprint. However the colors and denominations were exactly the same.

Imperial SeriesEdit

Series 3, 4 and 5 were printed in the following years, in 1904, 1907 and 1912 respectively. Series 4 added an additional stamp, the purple 9 pence, or six and three. The six and three is very rare, and believed to be the rarest stamp in Phaluh history.

Republic Series (1916-1938)Edit

The Republic Series encompasses series 6-12, which were printed similarly for 22 years. The original series 6 (1916) had the same denominations as the Imperial, but series 7 (1918) had a 'Remembrance' theme to commemorate the end of WWI. The 1/2 penny stamp was taken out of circulation by series 11 (1935).

The PostEdit

American-based The Post created new stamps throughout the 1940s alongside National Post, leading to some series number confusion, i.e:

  • La Posta Series 21 (1941) -> National Series 13 (1942)
  • La Posta Series 23 (1942) -> National Series 14 (1944)

In 1946, La Posta was integrated into National Post, and Unified Post Series 31 was printed that year. These stamps continued to use pound sterling despite the new maddasal.

Maddasal StampsEdit

Despite the introduction of the maddasal in 1949, the first stamps with the new denomination were not printed until 1957, with Unified Series 32 and 33. The originally 1957 denominations were the 1p (black), 2p (blue), 4p (grey), 5p (magenta), 10p (green), 20p (yellow), 50p (dark red), Ш1 (red) and Ш2 (teal). The 1962 Series 34-40 had similar designs, until the rise of Khem Hamal in 1979.

Hamalism StampsEdit

The first Hamalism 'worker stamps' were printed in 1980, under Hamal Series 1 (aka Series 50). The denominations were in 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, 80p, Ш1.40, Ш2.60 and Ш5.00.

Late 1990s StampsEdit

The period from 1995 to 2001, led to several more series being printed, i.e. 58 to 64. In 1995's Series 58, the denominations were 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, Ш1, Ш2.20, Ш4.60 and Ш9.00.

Current Stamps under Phaluhm MostEdit

Phaluhm Most printed the first new stamps (Series 65A) on January 7, 2003. These bore the logo of Phaluhm Most, and the logo of the old national Post.

In 2014 a series was created based on Phaluhm literature; Lakang Sani (Ш2.00), Piram Jain (Ш3.80), Death of Time (Ш7.00), Dauham Mysteries (Ш12.50) and The Little Red Book (Ш32.00).

In 2015, a series was created on the decleration of the Phaluhm Commonwealth.

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