The State of the Nation Address is an anual event opened by the Prime Minister. Members of Parliament gather around to hear a speach given by the Prime Minister discussing about future intentions to be enacted by the next state of the nation address.



The next SONA will be held in the 1st August 2016.


The last SONA was held in the 30th July 2015. The SONA featured 8 key goals made by Royna Nehgyen :

  1. Addressing corruption issues
  2. Ceasefire with the Muslim\Communist rebels
  3. Getting at least a quater of Phaluhm citizens out of the poverty line
  4. Better public transportation
  5. Progress on the Freedom of Information Act
  6. Free Wifi for all public places
  7. Over three thirds of the population to have a house
  8. Progress on the National Broadband Network (NBN)


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