Phaluhm Phoueck was a sultanate from 1946 to 1979. The sultan used to be the head of state and government in Phaluhm Phoueck, until his downfall in 1979. Since it's independence, only two sultans regined but the royal insitution dates back to the 14th Century. 

The official name for the sultan is: Hisstan Rynan Hygness (sultan name) da ledder sa abdan sa paccan. His royal highness, (sultan name), the leader of the abode of peace.

List of sultansEdit

Sultan Birth Regin Image
Sultan Yenah Kaliybatan 1961 1982 - Yenah
Sultan Nuyel Nattal 1923 1943 - 1982 Nuyel
Sultan Bin Al-Ashad 1859 1871-1943 Binal-ashad
Sultan Mah Mahalahm 1779 1800-1871 Mahalahmsultan
Sultan Isha-Shebbalah 1721 1744-1800 Isha-sheblah
Sultan Tukkah Namba 1672 1695-1744 Tukkah
Sultan Mohammed Isan 1619 1639-1695 Mohamediosan
Sultan Resan Retato 1574 1598-1693 Ressanretato
Sultan Kuppal Kyejana 1500 1542-1598 Kuppal
Sultan Krystan Kallhal 1461 1482-1542 Krystal

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