Name Tempest
Industry Telecommunications
Founded 1995
Owner(s) Kaliybatan Group

Tempest is the a Phaluhm based telecommunications company based in Phaluhm Phoueck. It is part of the Kaliybatan Group, which is owned by Yenah Kaliybatan. Before 1995, all of the telecommunications companies were owned by Phaluhm Telecom.

History Edit

Before 1995, all Phaluhm Communications companies were one company which was Phaluhm Telecom. Phaluhm Telecom provided TV and telephone services, Dial-Up internet was also trialed but was never open for the Phaluhm public until 1996.

Dial-up internet was open to the public in 1996 and was one of the greatest achievement in post 1995 Phaluhm in the 90s.

Services Edit

Tempest Internet Edit

Tempest Internet is a service provider and a product of Tempest. Tempest Internet offers three types of internet access. It has one of the fastest internet speeds in Asia.

  • Fibre - This is Phaluhm's first fibre service, only available at Dauham Sammar Hazaham, Kota Kambular, Klas Bay and San Sabyleo Speeds available are Fibre Lite (Download speed - 70mb, Upload speed 40mb, metered), Fibre Family (Download speed - 250mb, Upload speed 80mb, unmetered) ,Fibre Elite (Download speed 500mb, upload speed 160mb, unmetered) and Fibre VIP (Download speed 1gb, upload speed 250mb, unmetered)
  • ADSL - Available when an exchange is nearby, speeds are 10 - 30 mb download speed and 5 - 10 mb upload speed.
  • 3G and 4G - Available at low lying ground, speeds are 7.2mb download and 1.2mb upload for 3G, 300mbps download and 16.73Mbps upload for 4G.

Tempest TV Edit

Tempest TV is a cable TV service in Phaluhm Phoueck. Tempest serves three packages:

  • Small - has 40 channels, no Seven+ , free customer support and free Tempest Box.
  • Family - has 60 channels, some Seven+ Channels, free customer support and free Tempest Box + Extras.
  • Elite - has all channels, all Seven+ Channels, free customer support and free Tempest Box + Extras

Tempest Telephone Edit

Tempest also operates fixed line telephone services. These include home phone, business and other PSTN products.

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