Flag of Tohezeck


Name Tohezeck
Hexacode TZK-NZH
Population 8,500
Language(s) Phaluhm, English
Location Nazahezan
Next to San Sabyeleo
Map of Tohezeck
Tohezeck is a city in Nazahezan. It consists of two neighbourhoods, the Center and Filaronakiniwarzo. Tohezeck is the main transport hub for Nazahezan to Kota Kambular.

It has a Conservative Party rulling.

History Edit

Tohezeck was used as a transport terminal for goods coming by sea from Kota Kambular to Dauham Sammar Hazaham in 1879. In 1946, the simple port was turned into a settlement for buisnesses and industries, and after The Great Race, people started moving to Tohezeck.


*1 Center Filaronakiniwarzo
South China Sea
  • *1 South China Sea

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